Top Sea Kayaking Spots in New Zealand


Sea kayaking is a favourite activity here in New Zealand. Not only because of how fun and exciting it is. But also because of the stunning spots and destinations to sea kayak at.

We are talking about great sceneries and magnificent stretches of water. Here are some of the best sea kayaking spots here in the country.

Abel Tasman


Golden sand beaches, native forest, and a great vista of nature await you at the Abel Tasman National Park. People coming here are mostly in it for the sea kayaking experience and the Abel Tasman Great Walk as well. You are sure to gain a memorable kayaking adventure here.

Bay of Islands


There are 144 islands to explore in this massive land-water area. You get to paddle next to dolphins. There are a lot of kayaking tours you can take that will offer different experiences like entering a sea cave or exploring the great waters of the area. This kayaking spot has been featured  in several publicationsmany times.

But, the highlight of the Bay of Islands is kayaking at night-time. When the sun is out the moon comes up, bio-luminescence algae start to light up sparkling throughout the water. This is something you can’t miss.



Explore an island sanctuary home to thousands of species including native birds and whales. The water-trail is just one of the highlights in Whakatane. You’ll stay for the unique ecosystem you get to see along the way.

The magnificent coastline of the Whakatane is breathtaking. Make sure to practice your kayaking skills and body capabilities before going on an adventure.