Techniques to Improve Your Kayaking


People go kayaking for leisure or sports or both. Those kayaking for the first time are sure to have a blast and even more if they start to enhance their kayaking skills and capabilities.

Outdoor Discoveries offer its kayak training program to all of you out there. But, if you don’t have the time, we are more than happy to help you right here right now.You might even want to try some simulation games for training.

If you want to level-up your kayaking game, here are some important reminders.

Balance Technique

Just like most water-board sports and activities, kayaking depends a lot on balance. It is easy to maintain your balance at a calm lake but what if you are rowing against strong river currents?

Practice your balance regularly. Being able to improve this attribute allows you to paddle more smoothly and more efficiently. You are then able to conquer stronger currents. Your balance has something to do with your posture skills as well. You need to maintain proper posture to give you more strength when paddling.

Bracing and Edging

These are important skills you need to at least be able to do right now. Bracing is when you recover from being off-balance using your paddle. Edging is controlling the kayak with your legs and hips.

You need to be able to use both skills with precision like when you slap your paddle against the water surface. You can also use the paddle to push up using nearby stones or platforms. There are different techniques like forward, sweep, draw and reverse. You need to master it all.


This technique is crucial for Whitewater boaters or kayakers. Rolling is when you get back into position after being off-balance with your head going in the water. Rolling will allow you to gain back momentum and in grave instances, save your life. You must know how to roll.

These techniques are vital and there are more of them. It is also important that you have the right gear and safety equipment when kayaking. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and recover in between training sessions.

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