Essential Safety Equipment for Kayaking


So, you have your gear in place and your kayak ready to go. Not so fast, there are still a couple of items you should bring on your kayak trip. These are items or equipment mainly for different kinds of emergencies before, during, and after kayaking.

You must always have these items with you, especially at water trails located in remote areas all over the country. So, here’s a list of safety equipment for your reference.


Kayaking is both a relaxing and cut-throat activity. You can go kayaking on a calm body of water like a lake. But you can also go kayaking in a relentless river with strong currents. Make sure to always have a helmet with you.

This is important and required for surf kayakers and Whitewater kayakers. There have been reports of serious injuries and even fatalities among people getting thrown out of the boat when kayaking.

That is what we are avoiding. Having a helmet on your head all the time is important and can save your life if it comes to it.

First Aid Kits

You should always have a first aid kit with you with the usual medical supplies and items in case of emergencies. That way, you’ll be able to conduct first aid on the spot when needed. Make sure to use waterproof bags to store your medical supplies in.

Also, keep it placed on an easy-to-access spot in your boat.

Signalling Devices

During emergencies, you must notify someone so that they can contact the hospital or other emergency personnel to come running. Signalling Devices ranges from radios to flares.

If you want to learn more about safety during kayaking and other water-based activities, then you should learn more from Auckland’s ‘Respect the Water’ movement. Kayaking is

extremely fun but it can also be extremely dangerous.

It is always important to come prepared. That way, you’ll be able to make the best out of the experience.