Getting the best Kayaking Gear and Equipment


Here in New Zealand, there are dozens of stores or outlets selling all the kayaking or outdoor sporting gear and equipment you need. However, you can’t just buy the item you see right in front of you.

You need to have information before choosing the right gear for you. Just because it looks cool does not mean it’s the perfect pick for you. That is why we are here to help you get the best kayaking gear and equipment that meets all of your preferences.

Read Reviews


If you want to learn more about a particular item, you can go online using your smartphone or laptop and read reviews. This feedback came from people who bought and used the item.

This way, you’ll get credible knowledge that you can then use yourself to evaluate if that particular item is the one you are looking for. You also need to consider other factors like the quality of the item as well as its affordability.

You can even join online forums wherein they talk about kayaking and other outdoor activities. Instead of relying on what the salesman tells you, why not talk to people with experience.

Online Shopping


Online shopping websites and applications have most of the information you need when buying kayaking gear. You just search for the product you want; you look at the price, the specs and the comments below.

Online shopping is a common way of consumption these days because it is convenient and easy to do. You can even talk to the seller of the item and get the information you want.

Online shopping allows people to contact sellers directly for questions and clarifications.

Not to mention online shopping portals offer promos and discounts to regular buyers. So, all you have to do is order something online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Think of it as playing casino right at home at online gambling sites like River belle online casino. If you need help deciding what gear and items to purchase, we can help you out narrow down your checklist.

The Essential Gear for Kayaking


Kayaking is always engaging and exciting. Kayaking in New Zealand is an outdoor activity you should try at least once in your life. But we are pretty sure that after your first time, you are going to want to do it again.

If you are to go kayaking, you should have the right equipment and put on the required safety gear. If you don’t have any idea what gear we are talking about, then here’s a list when you go shopping for kayaking gear.

First of all, you’ll be needing a pair of paddles. Just want to get this one out of the way.

Kayak Carrier Shoulder Strap

At times, we can’t park in front of the body of water we are about to go kayaking at. That is why it is always a pain to carry around our kayaks from one place to another. A kayak is not something light, but it is also not something very heavy.

But it will still take its toll on your body. That is why you should consider buying a carrier shoulder strap for your kayak. With this strap, you can carry the kayak in the right ergonomic position.

The strap also improves the experience by making it convenient and fun to carry around a kayak. Keep in mind that a large kayak can weigh 50 kgs or more. So, make sure to come prepared.


Paddling Gloves

Most paddling glove products are worn mainly for protection. But the glove is more for resistance and heavy force in the water. Most people overlook this one and some of them end up with injuries.A pair of padding gloves is also necessary especially when the temperature outside is cold.

Keep yourselfsafe at all times and owning a pair of gloves is one way to doing just that. Enjoy the best of kayaking.

Polarised Sunglasses

You know another big problem when going kayaking? The heat and the sun. The glare and the reflection created by the water can be harsh, especially during hot days. You just can’t pick out any sunglasses you see lying around. You need one that is polarised to protect you, especially your eyes from the sun.

We covered the essentials here. Is there anything you’d add to our list? Contact us and let us know!

Essential Safety Equipment for Kayaking


So, you have your gear in place and your kayak ready to go. Not so fast, there are still a couple of items you should bring on your kayak trip. These are items or equipment mainly for different kinds of emergencies before, during, and after kayaking.

You must always have these items with you, especially at water trails located in remote areas all over the country. So, here’s a list of safety equipment for your reference.


Kayaking is both a relaxing and cut-throat activity. You can go kayaking on a calm body of water like a lake. But you can also go kayaking in a relentless river with strong currents. Make sure to always have a helmet with you.

This is important and required for surf kayakers and Whitewater kayakers. There have been reports of serious injuries and even fatalities among people getting thrown out of the boat when kayaking.

That is what we are avoiding. Having a helmet on your head all the time is important and can save your life if it comes to it.

First Aid Kits

You should always have a first aid kit with you with the usual medical supplies and items in case of emergencies. That way, you’ll be able to conduct first aid on the spot when needed. Make sure to use waterproof bags to store your medical supplies in.

Also, keep it placed on an easy-to-access spot in your boat.

Signalling Devices

During emergencies, you must notify someone so that they can contact the hospital or other emergency personnel to come running. Signalling Devices ranges from radios to flares.

If you want to learn more about safety during kayaking and other water-based activities, then you should learn more from Auckland’s ‘Respect the Water’ movement. Kayaking is

extremely fun but it can also be extremely dangerous.

It is always important to come prepared. That way, you’ll be able to make the best out of the experience.