3 Body Skills to Improve for Kayaking


Kayaking seems easy at first but gets a lot harder as you take on stronger waters. Kayaking on a lake or a beach coast is easy. No strong waves or currents to worry about. If you are in it for the sport of kayaking, you need to improve your strength, stamina and endurance.


You need strong and sturdy muscles to generate power strokes. When Whitewater kayaking, you are sure to face strong currents that will hold you back and go against every stroke you push.

Without strength, you are sure to get caught by strong currents or you will struggle moving forward. You also need strength when you are bracing and edging to get out of tough spots.



When kayaking, you are using a great amount of your energy and when you run out, well, you either capsize or you just completely stop. Make sure to improve your cardio that will give you more energy when kayaking. You can do this through normal exercises like jogging, biking or better yet, swimming.

With more stamina, the longer you last and the stronger current you can conquer.


Some people think stamina and endurance are the same. Well, in a sense yes. But endurance is your ability to power through despite the hurdles. The skill of rolling, in particular, relies on your endurance.

You need to get that endurance from your shoulder and arm muscles. You need to be able to cope with continuous strokes.